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This is about the time it seemed to make sense to start a serious
photography and graphics studio.

Below is a newspaper interview showing off Adam's latest imaging jobs.
It was a fun twist that one of the first Computer imaging assignments
he landed was working on the "Adam's Family Value"s Movie Poster.

So what do you do after all this career excitement?

Learn how to be a kid again and forget about work!

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Adam Yurman's father worked as an art director in New York City for 30 years which got him going at an early age working with cameras and dark rooms. After 15 years as a professional studio musician and recording artist, Adam started to develop interests in commercial photography and computer design.






Joining Al Stewart's touring band way back in 1978, Adam hit the road for almost 8 years. After recording 4 albums with Al as the lead guitarist he and other members of the band signed a deal with Polygram to record their own record. Adam co wrote the single on the record which debuted at # 72 with a bullet in Billboard magazine.

In 1991, Crown Records of Japan contacted Adam to produce and record a CD for the Japanese market which is still selling today in Yamaha Music Stores throughout Japan.
He played most of the instruments himself and sang 3 of the lead vocal tracks. The record company decided to name the CD after him.


With a nice home recording studio up and running after the Crown Records CD, it seemed like a good time to try sound track composing which led to the winning of an Emmy for Yurman and his two partners, Dave and Dal.

Several years locked away in the digital dungeon yielded a nice library of music for use in commercials, documentaries and video productions, They are available for licensing.

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